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It seems like there was an error.

It might be that you tried to get the chat for a protected or private message. Or the status id does not exist. Sorry, but twitterchats.com can't retrieve private, protected or non-existant statuses.

The other possiblity is that Twitter is down right now. Check the Twitter status page to see what's up. Sometime, Twitter service is spotty (you get the "over capacity" message on their home page). Try to load the Twitter home page and see if you get the whale page (it means they are over capacity). Or you can try to reload the twitterchats.com home page and see if a new random chat is diplayed.

You are always welcome to leave a message. Click here to contact us (coming soon, in the mean time, e-mail me at hani at twitterchats.com).

Click here to load a random chat.

Thank you from the twitterchats.com team :) .

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